About Us

God told me in 2002 that I should start 16 man church, God said this will be a symbol of the perfect Church without sport, wrinkle and blameless. That is one plus six equals to seven. He said I should go and raise men for him, to empower men with the word of God. that I should preach the word of the Kingdom of God with wisdom. (Lk. 21:15. says “I will give you a mouth and wisdom which your enemy will not be able to withstand..”). This vision and the ministry shall be of interdenominational, which will caught across nations and the whole world. We shall move according to the dictate of the Holy Spirit., The Ministry shall organize crusade with over one 1 million souls aiming one million soul to be won for God. And this shall be with signs and wonder. Jesus is calling you to be part of this new wave of glory.
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